The Sweeton-Memeland War was the most destructive war in the world to date, featuring The complete Destruction of one Participant and the near-elimination of another.

Buildup (12-13AS)Edit

Sweeton and Memeland had long contested the fishing rights in the Sugarmeme Gulf, and this reached a head when a Sweeton ship was sunk while fishing by a Memeland Gunboat. Almost Immediatley, Sweeton sent out representatives to Memeland, Escorted By armed Guards.

The Invasion Of Memeland (13AS)Edit

Memeland Spotted the force and, fearing it to be an invasion force, and acted as such, they broke the ninth code of the Felciano United Nations, and as such, the UN allowed Sweeton to legally land an armed force on the coast, until reparations were made for the damages incurred to the ships. However, Memeland deployed the Airforce, and the Hindenmeme took off.

Conspiracy Edit

A common conspiracy, believed by many to be the Truth is that the U.N was in support of a regime change within the previous dictatorship of Memeland, and as such they illegally bypassed their laws and permitted the Sweeton to attempt to Annex the Island, the U.S.S.M seeing this unlawful attack retaliated with their Force's, and thus foiled the plans of the U.N