The Soviet Space Program (CKN)

The CKNEdit

The Soviet Space Program, known in the CCWP's government as Project ICARUS is the joint CCH space program. It is funded primarily by the CCWP, but also recieve's funding and goods from other Communist nations, such as Ahseemestan and Anime Isle. The Soviet Space Program accepts Cosmonauts from all contributing Nations, the Cosmonauts are generally recruited from each member nations Air Force Elite, and even then they undergo rigorous tests to ensure they are of the needed quality.

Soviet Space VesselsEdit

The Soviet Space program use's many different space craft.

Explorer Class Rocket: The main rocket used by the SSP to launch satellite's into space, it is highly reliable and feature's the unique Gas propulsion systems of the CCH.

Sputnik Satellite: The main chassis design for the SSP satellite's, it is highly versatile and can retrofitted for many different tasks

The Re-usable Manned Craft Projecy (RUMC)Edit

The RUMC project is the CCH's manned space exploration project, starting with the construction of a re-usable craft which can be used for space voyage's. The project has several stage's.

Stage One: First Manned rockets into space, the SSP will attempt to send men into space via current rocket systems

Stage Two: Construction of a RUMC, the SSP will design and construct a re-usable space craft, complete will all neccassary components

Stage Three: A manned mission to the moon, where a RUMC will land on the moon, collect scientific sample's, and return

Stage Four: Moon Colonization, RUMC's will be sent to the moon with construction and engineering teams, and will begin to construct permenant moon structures, and bio-habitat's, paving the way for a full scale colonization effort