SignalHome is a privately owned company based in Bevillia that manages wireless communications on several islands including Bevillia, Milita and Summer Falls. It is best known for receiving the HC600,000 three-year contract to have sole usage (Military Usage Nonwithstanding) of the recently-launched Solarwind Sattelite.


SignalHome is owned Solely by the Milo Family, an offshoot of the Mil Family, of Bevillia. It's one hundred shares, the minimum required by Bevillian Law, are split in a 2:1:1 ratio between Teodoro Milo, the Patriarch of the Milo Family, His son Tedorus, and his younger brother Remigo.


SignalHome operates from around half-a-dozen Ground Stations, which it owns, and two Sattelites, which it contracts. It is the mainn signal provider to BevilliPhone and The Internal Network, two competing companies in Bevillia.


In 14AS, SignalHome made HC23,000 in profit, an average year by their standards, the war in Memeland and Subsequent Fall of Sweeton Depriving them of two customer bases, to their competitor Socialist Solutions, a state company owned by the U.S.S.M.