The Life and Times of Josef KalashNikov


This short page is a brief accounts of the life of the Current U.S.S.M leader, and the founder of modern communism. The details within this page are widely believed to be fact, and are confirmed by several high ranking officials, including Josef himself, to be true. To save time early parts of Josef's history have been currently excluded, until the main facts have been written.

The Polotov IncidentEdit

The Polotov incident, in the late 30's was the event which set in motion the new idea of Communism, and total equality for all. When the Polotov Mining company announced further wage cuts, under the failing capitalist economy of the Tsar, Veektor Valadim the workers announced a strike and formed a union, under the leadership and guidance of Josef KalashNikov, the Tsar responded to this by sending Dragoon Guards in to quell the workers, however they resisted and managed to overwhelm the Dragoon's and the local military garrison with sheer numbers, from there they armed themselve's with Government weaponry and announced themselves as the Communist Party, taking the Hammer and Sickle as their logo, they quickly gained support from the impoverished members of society and overthrew the Government, Josef KalashNikov, who managed to garner himself an impressive twenty-four kills throughout the rebellion was voted to be Head as State, and from there he reorganized the Communist party, and the Motherland, successfully creating the first communist nation ever. The effects of the rebellion are still felt throughout Felciano today, and many of the impoverished people from other nations have attempted to create their own communist party's, this Prompted the western nations to form the Bevillian Alliance, to contain what they call the "Communist Menace".