The Axis of Evil is a term coined by U.S.S.M Premier Josef KalashNikov, to describe the Bevillian Alliance, particulary their oppresive treatment of their Citizen's, Premier KalashNikov said once, in an interview "we must defeat the Axis of Evil with more than just Military Might, we must win ideolodgically as well, we must incite the peasants to rebel, and throw off their shackle's, and live together, equally, in the glories of communism!"

BA ResponseEdit

Xinhuia Sivia Mil III responded to this snide and hostile comment by saying "I Do not know which citizens in the Alliance are oppresed, but even if any were oppressed, they would have a greater standard of living than in the Vice of Communism, where the common man's most valuable possesion is the rags on his back, where he must work fourteen hour days to get food for his family, and any that step out of line are never seen by their neighbors and loved ones, Sent off to the Gulag! In the fleeting moment that an oppressed citizen of the CCH's nations gets access to an electronic device such as a computer or radio, do they get to hear about how their nation kills and oppresses those who fight against it's grip? or how they are backwards in their technology? No, they get the Goverment-Approved websites and radio stations or nothing! If they try to get to a non-Communist website or radio station, Off to the Gulag they go!"